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boring week, more envelopes addressed, more addresses added,more story written, baka wolf leaving out and only telling me the day he left when I was sleeping.

anyway so the weekend was free and we got movies to watch and a game rented. Karate kid (new one) was good. superman \ batman / apocalypse was ok and super mario bros galaxy was horable.

that was the worst game I have ever played since mario sunshine, the controlles suck, the game is boring, most of the music is blah, there's no scene of ever accomplishing anything, the difficulty is all over the place from easy to insane. some of the levels feel like they where just thrown in there to take up more space with little thought put into them.

I only played it 2 days and that was more than enough. never have I rented a game and taken it back after only 2 full days of playing it. as usual there no actual voice acting in the game just grunts and other noises.

The thing that gets me is when mari completes a level the nose he makes sounds like he just got done doing something naughty.

In short MArio Galaxy is a POS game and should be avoided at all cost. No fun, frustrating levels, boring and very repetitive game play, extremely varying difficulty.

that's all I have to say.


the last oct ever

(of 2010)

anyway, another week has come and gone. It wasnt a good week but it wasnt a bad week. it was just another week. I meen all I really did was dj and watch anime. I also worked on getting the height chart pics finished and ready for revealing. um...

I guess I can plug Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? an interesting show on youtube. go check them out.

went to a steak and shake on saterday for the 1st time. it was ok, though the fries where pretty bland. and very skinny. the burger was ok.

Sunday was haloween, had the most trick or treaters stop by in manny years. I gave out hand fulls of candy and by the end of the night just about all the candy was gone. witch is rather amazing.

Had baka wolf over, he arrived late as always but that's ok. we ordered pizza by about 7:30 and by about 9 we realized, hey. they pizza isn't here. it never arrived at all. Yeah we called the main number and after some digging they found out apparently the call center never called in the order. witch is rather odd since you think they would have the ability to just send the order to that pizza hut. oh well.

we asked to have the food re-sent but the pizza hut was out of large pans so no pizza for us. just a 10 dollar credit for next time. and so I had burger king instead. 3 double cheese burgers, no pickle and large frys.


Goodbye chris

it's been 1 year since by best friend Chris Dore passed away. He was my best friend, while he was never in that great of health, it was thanks to the internet we got to be such good friends. We met on second life, and then moved to im. we rped allot and it was just lots of fun.

Each of us had lots of characters to use and interact with. He helped me pass the time away when there was nothing much to do. I always looked forward to chatting with him and not only doing story driven rps but just fun random stuff. I have tried to be friends with one of his friend but he's just way to yiffy. I meen even in a general chat he makes advances and stuff, it gets old real fast.

Rest in peace chris, you had a hard life and I still miss you. You where the best friend I could ever ask for.

In other news I have found that when baka wolf eats is when he will talk the most. He just won't shut up. But I clean him out twice in poker though!

My fav TGI Fridays closed after 10 years. it was really nice one to. So I tried Red Robin. of all the places I can remember eating, it isn't even near the top, mind you the list is less then 10.

Also watched the end of farscape, the peacekeeper wars. decent end.


Another week and rembereing friends

Well another week gone, not much to talk about other than baka wolf. Says he will be here at 3 doesn’t get over toil almost 5 and then while we go back to his place he stops at an auto place for about 10 min leaving me to sit in the car (my choice casue I don’t care about cars) then we get to his place, and he spends maybe 10-15 min going through the mail and screwing around b4 we even start to hook up my wii to the tv in the basement. Then he spends 20-30 min dicking with the tv settings tweaking every little thing b4 I can even start to play. Then I spend another 10-15+ min playing smash bros alone casue he’s off doing whatever.

Then once he finally settled in to play it was so late we only got like 4-5 games in b4 we had to go order a pizza. Then he spends about 10-15 min ordering the pizza, going over every little detail. I can order a pizza in 5 min or less. Usually only a few short mins casue it’s the same bloody thing every time! How much thought do you need to order a large pan half pepperoni and half beef?

We goofed around in his room for a bit and I took random photos while I was board and he was on his laptop. Typical of him, it doesn’t matter if he has company or not, his laptop is a priority object.
So the pizza finally arrives and it’s all set so he starts playing with the doorbell of all things for maybe 15 min while the pizza is getting cold. He talks to much when eating, I can usually finish my half of the pizza b4 he’s on his 3rd slice sometimes b4 his 2nd.

What else have I been up to? Na much listed all the furry’s and such getting a holiday card and it’s over 50 so far but not yet to 55. Watches stargate universe and I still hate that show. Why watch it if I don’t like it? What would I have to complain about? Been watching the avengers on Disney XD. Rather hard to follow when it’s all in 5 min segments and usually not in order. Found a new show on TLC called Auction$. I rather like it. Sanctuary is off to a good start this season. Started watching the HUB channel. Pictueka wasn’t worth my time but the family game night thing I rather liked and decided to keep.

I finaly got a chance to watch the new My Little Pony, it’s definitely different and while I may not like the flash animation style, I rather like the series and I only seen 1 ep. Batman the brave and the bold is another series I rather dislike but not as much as SGU. For stuff on the wii I watched some Dr. Who (William hartnel and john pewtree) and the 1st 2 series of a brilliant show called Primevil. Probably watched the rest of the 1st season of Hell girl.

Why do I watch so much tv? What else do I have to do when I sit at home usually 24/7 hmm? I’m not very talkative and it’s not like anyone really cares about what I have to say because I don’t follow news. I don’t care about world events, politics or local news. I don’t really read anyone’s blog because it just doesn’t interest me. That’s antisocial for ya. I wonder how many people will reply with a thank you when they get my card. Let’s see now, I guess 7, maybe 8 of the 55 cards I will be sending out this year. You never know. Also Law & Order UK is brilliant!

The 19th also marks the day one year ago I lost my best friend forever. Chris Dore aka Dorian Nekura or Ace Orion (among many other characters) passed away on that day. It still makes me sad thinking about the loss of the one person I had the most fun with. We never met in person but we chatted and played on I’m lots. He was always allot of fun to talk to. We met on SL and got to be close friends. I sent him stuff like a 3 foot charmander plushie among other things. He was the one person I could bounce character ideas off of and just be myself. He has a friend who we both know and try as I might to be friends with him I just can’t. He is nice but he’s hyper yiffy and that’s all he ever wants and that’s not what I rp about. Anyway RIP my friend. You will be forever missed by this fat foxcoon,


some kind of week

the week wasn't so bad, mostly just watched anime and stuff. Went to a estate sale on friday, I got a poker rack thingy with a bunch o chips and 2 decks of cards. though I would like more better looking chips than the cheap blue white and red ones. but then again im cheap as well hehe. I also got a bog jewelry box, a dog toy and a paw stamp. not bad for about 10.25 usd.

Got a few more names on my card list. maybe this year I will actually get to 50 names. of course saw gunner still hasn't given me his new address so he can't get one until he gives me it =P

Spent sunday playing poker with Baka wolf, that was fun. I lost most of the time, but only casue the cards where against me. Lately my fatassnews channel on youtube has come under attack by furry haters. why they pick noww who knows. I haven't posted anything in ages. but I just keep deleting and blocking. Oh well, they will eventually get tiered of it.

In more better news my 5 new pics are done so go check them out at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/omegaltd/ that's the artet's page

Don't forget you can find me on Facebook and Twitter as Fatfoxcoon

(those of you coming here from facebook or twitter can ignore that message hehe. it's for those on f4l)


Fall and stuff

what can I say? not a whole lot has happened. I started watched some anime called xamed and death girl. interesting. Im thrilled at watching OOO now that W is done. Both good series.

Im really excited about Digimon Xros (said cross) Wars. the 6th series has begun and it's definitely very good. I also started watching Law & Order UK. Brilliant show. and it's got the actress who played martha jones in it from Dr. Who. Brittan's legal system is certainly different from ours but not by allot.

Saterday I went to the Japan festival here and it's like a furcon. 1st time you go, it's with a good friend, who have someone who shares your interests and can talk to about things, 2nd time you go on your own and end up with nothing to do after checking all the dealers. that's how it was. Looked at the anime and manga, nothing I wanted. no pokemon digomon bakugon beyblade or anything I care about. I saw a toy I wanted but im not paying 100 bucks for it. I even saw a darkstarker book but that also was 100 bucks.

I did see northpaw and spectra but they where busy looking at food so I didn't bother them. after being at the thing for 30 min I headed home. I wasn't going to wait a whole hour till the next thing started that was interesting.

Went to look at all the differnt garage saled in the neighborhood but by the time I got to them most where already closed and the one that was still open didn't have much of anything too sell. seriously I have more stuff in my closet than that garage sale did.

My friend halfshell got into a bit of an accident a while back. A school bus cut him off and he hurt his back so he's basically out of comition for 6 months. Northpaw is spending all his time with spectra (so it seems to me but this is just speculation) so he doesn't do anything anymore. Also he doesn't seem to be interested in the pics I send him anymore. I sent him several pokemon pics lately and never once got a thank you or even acknowledge that I sent him the pics.

Oh well. He's still a really nice fox though don't get me wrong. and to anyone who I know reading this who is going to MFF I will not be atending any furcons again till mabey 2019 for the 20th anivercery of mff. Furcons are boring for me. unless your already well established, an artist, a dealer, a partyer, fursuiter or panelest no one really cares for you. Proven by what happend at last years mff. I met up with a friend who was attending there 1st con and was nervous., so we met up and soon after another friend came along who knew them so they got together and walkded off leaving me alone. I was pretty mutch all alone the whole con. Cons are to expencive a place to be bored.

if I want to go be bored 24/7 I can do that at home for free. Yeah im ranting, but it's my journal it's not like anyone will ever read it hehe.

One last note: Holiday card sign up is open so anyone who got one last year will got one again and if you didn't get one and would like to get one than just tell me, so I can get your info.

Cards will be mailed out starting Dec 1st (in the states) anyplace is open to getting a card. Anywhere on earth it doesn't matter. but I won't send one to the moon hehe.

I'm done ranting now. and yes I am rather anti social, but you would be to if no one wanted anything to do with you =)


another summer of week gone by

what can I say about the week that was other than it's no more. baka wolf canceled on me at the last monite again so it's been a full month since he's been over.

Added more coins to the pickle jar, did 1 day djing on sl, this week things go back to normal though im cutting out an hour from my tues wed shows so it's 8-10 central time now. friday is still 7-10. DJing just isnt very fun. sit there for a couple hours with nothing to do and no one to talk to.

today is a friends bday so happy bday halfshell. haven't seen him in a while but he works so thats a good excuse for not coming over.

looking into getting some wii games cheap from ebay, but the price has to be right for me. im not paying above 25 bucks for mario galaxy 1 or 2 and metroid other M.

I watched the whole Kamen Rider blade series, it's just average. good ending but the series is just average. it's not good not bad just ok, forgettable characters, little overlying plot besides defeat the monster of the week.

also watched the final ep of Kamen Rider W (Double), that's a great series. characters you can get attached to and care for, great story, great villains.

I also added a couple more tv shows to my face book page and plan on adding even more. funny how I have over 100 tv shows but I can barley think of any movies to list.

speaking of facebook I seen at least 2 pepole posting naughty furry pics to there acounts. I don't think that should be allowed, if you want to post furry porn go to fa or sofurry.

anyway, im done. I got nothing else to say.


another journal of epic boringness


I hate 13 ep seasons, they build up nicely and when things really start getting interesting, boom. seasons over see you next year. I miss the old seasons.

I would like 50 ep series like kamen rider and sentai but then that leavs allot of boring fiiller material. try 26 eps, thast 2 seasons worth of eps. but then theres also cost of filming, actors, sets, ects.

End rant!

EE has been sold and Slug God (Former CEO of Sparkplay)has updated us saying the sale is still going through, lots of paperwork for all the lawyers to deal with and junk. the usual stuff. but it is progressing.

Posted a bunch of pics of Vikie to my facebook page, you can find that and my twitter under fatfoxcoon.

I start djing next week, joy! (not) I also have my friend who I known since 4th grade watching my fb now. If he thought he knew me well, he's in for a bit of a surprise hehe. I never really told him I was a furry but he knows now hehe. Also I got my friend Dathgar to watch me on twitter.

still waiting on halfshell to tell me what he wants to do to the pic he's having john make, it's probably been almost a month since we started. the main problem is he usually works over night so he's asleep most all day.so he doesn't really get a whole lot of time to think about it.

I banned bakawolf from coming over 1 weekend casue the last time he was over (when I found out ee had no more money) he thought it was a good idea to start soldering at the kitchen table. so he figured out after I banned him that was a bad thing but the weekend after that he left a message "Hi, im going to st. louis this weekend. hadn't had a chance to call" no chance? you've had 2 bloody weeks to tell me! Oi! and he wonders why I call him an idiot.

I am calling last week the 1st week of fall, the nights get getting longer and the days are ending much sooner.

I got started on taking pics for things I need to sell on SL. Odendo Dragon Decoys of 110 prims for about 250L mabey. no one will buy them but I will at least try!

um, I gotta figure out how to contact tincrash as I have ideas for TF but wanna see how much they would cost. probably to much but he's so good and very nice.

anyway im done rambling, bye!


the end of a great thing

how do I put into words how bad I feel about this, my favorite MMO Earth Eternal is closing down for good. I meen sure they had there problems in game, lag and lack of new content but it was a furry friendly mmo. you could select from manny races and lots of colours. I found out sunday when I had baka wolf over.

I really don't know what to say, I will miss it that's for sure. It feels like you just lost your best friend in the whole world. I don't see anyone picking up the game after it closes. I think it's the whole animal thing that scares people.

no dwarfs no human no elfs, nothing close to a human at all. thats what made the game fun and you could also be fat. I never seen any other mmo where you could be fat.

Goodbye EE I will miss you forever. I made allot of fun friends on there and I plan to keep in touch if I can.

on another note I caught baka wolf soldering at my kitchen table, he didn't ask me if he could. he just went and did it. so needless to say im now baning his laptop and his whole laptop bag. You don't go doing stuff like that at someones house at there table, on a tab;e cloth and leave the hot iron on the hard wood floor when you arnt using it.


Crunch in a bag

no crunching and bags have nothing to do with this just saw an add on lj that I got the name fro.

ANYWAY! I now have 4 people following on twitter http://twitter.com/fatfoxcoon. anyway the week was pretty decent I djed some and ended all shows until september. it just isn't fun anymore. need a break. Sabaka came over and we went to his place to hook up the internet. couldn't get wireless so I tried calling the baka wolf. of course he wouldn't answer his phone or call back so he's useless.

He drew us as a fat bunnys for fat bunny week as well witch I like allot hehe. I commissioned one of my most favorite artists John Martello to do a pic of vikie and mada and there dragon forms.
it was off to a bit of a bumpy start I forgot to included small details because I was so excited about getting pics from him again. I will post them when I have paid him. otherwise it's not fair =}

in other news I think im getting a bit fat as the button on my jean shorts came off, witch makes me rather happy, not that the button fell off hehe.

though I haven't been feeling to good lately. I eat the same stuff but I don't feel to good after. very odd. maybe I need to get up and walk around more even if it's bloody hoot outside. Who knows whats going on, oh well life goes on.

I might keep the bunny vikie to, just an alternate version to her. I dunno just an idea.

um what else, play ed pokemon with baka wolf, going to watch terminator 4 later today to see how bad of a pos it is, I recorded it from hbo so I didn't spend any money on it hehe.

Sabaka is supposed to come over today and I have to work on finding out why mada's dragon form is bothering me. johns artwork is great but something about the look just doesn't sit right. oh well thanks for reading.

Hooray for Mwalimu


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