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my thoughts on this whole sopa thing

who cares? they will pass it whether we like it or not. a few hundred people are not going to make any difference. oh sure you see online petitions and all this outcry but all it is, is just noise. the government won't listen to nobody's. This thing was pretty much guaranteed to be passed since they are supposedly using real hard to get it put into action asap.

I saw an article where people where supposed to boycott godaddy because they support sopa. a few people might do it but I seriously dought that the majority of pepole who use it will ever bother, let alone care. All this stop sopa stuff is just internet hype.It has no bearing on the actual government. The thing about online petitions is you can be anonymous. you can sign it how ever manny times you want using fake info.

people may not like it but it's going to pass and go into effect and there's really nothing you can do or say to stop it. I even saw people actually go to washington dc to talk to the government. that went as well as I expected. most of them just nod and be polite saying that's nice. unless you got allot of money to back your claims up they probably won't give 2 cents worth of what you say.

I may be completely wrong about all this, but I am not in favor of sopa as it is but I am all for preventing piracy and stuff just not at a cost. Will sopa turn out to be the end of all internet as we know it? I dought it. but if it does, it does if not well that's kewl. The government does what it wants and we really can't do anything to stop it. we can vote on people but when it comes to laws and bills and such the government does what it wants. At least that's how it apeers to me. but what do I know i'm just a nobody :D anyway that's it for my rant. Sopa will pass and life will go on.


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Dec. 24th, 2011 08:11 pm (UTC)
I'm going to disagree with you here. SOPA, as well as PIPA (the similar legislation in the Senate), are dangerous bills. If they become law it could and probably would mean, for instance, the end of YouTube as we know it, and YouTube is just one of dozens of popular sites that will be severely crippled or nonexistent. There are plenty of court cases on record where MPAA/RIAA have pushed the limits of what they can take sites down for under the existing laws, and I don't doubt for a second that they'll target enough sites that the rest will capitulate from a desire to avoid being next. Now instead of file sharers getting sued, they'll be hit with felony charges and have to do hard time in jail. Maybe in some sense life will go on but that's not the kind of world I would want to see life go on in. I'll be writing my senators and congressman urging them to oppose these bills.
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