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more useless things

well, I haven't had much to talk about just watching tv and anime. I finished all the cards and notes and they are all ready to mail out. found out all the TGI fridays in the whole area have gone. tis a shame they had the best food.

5 guys opened at the mall, but the odd thing is it's not assessable from the mall even though it's attached to the mall. you can only get to it from the outside. Rather odd, why connect it to the mall if it's not assessable from the mall. why not put it in the food court?

Im also looking for someone to draw my fat dragon productions logo but no one is interested. not surprising though since I'm not well known popular or stuff in the furry fandom.

Something else has me wondering if my friend I known since 4th or 5th grade might be anti furry. A comment he made has me wondering but I'm probably reading to much into it. though one can never be to careful.

I am kinda glad I quit going to cons. I do kinda miss MFF but really 3 or 4 days wandering the hotel alone with nothing to do just isn't my idea of fun. Maybe sometime I will go back and it would be nice to have Nina as a room mate, though even if baka wolf annoys me it might be fun to room together and annoy each other, but that's a long ways off.

On another note I haven't had toast in years.


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