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Viktoria's Fat Furry Thoughts

Vikie Foxfang
27 April
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My name is Viktoria Foxfang. I am 5' 3" and around 500 Lbs. Im fat, im happy, and im also a foxcoon. I run the fat anhtro club on Deviant art (http://fatanthroclub.deviantart.com). Im a not very good furry artist. I do mostly 3D art but I occasionally do some 2d stuff. You can see my art at (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/loafer) I think one of my fav pics was done for Lance Foxx for his DA ID. I also host a radio show from 7-9pm tues wed and fri normally.

I don't like winter or snow at all. I dislike the cold very much. But I do so love the variety of weather here in Kansas. I been in Kansas almost my whole life. Sunny one day, stormy then next and then snow. Always keeps you guessing it does.

I also hate math and spelling. I really suck at them but I do love trying to make new friends. I always try to be as nice and polite as possible.

I also write the occasional furry story. I have written several so far and am trying to write a much longer one breaking it into chapters. I have also written a few songs like "The Hungry Furrys, Caught In A Map, Blue's Christmas 2006, and am currently trying to make Blue's Christmas 2008.

Thats all I can think of, and I will let you go with this thought. I can eat 2 Triple Cheese burgers from wendys in 1 sitting.
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