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a horabble week so far

well lets start this with a disclaimer. I am going to whine moan complain and anything else I can think of. I have had a rotten week and though no one will probably care or reply I like being able to rant so there :P

ok now lets start with saaterday. but you say hey wait saterday was last week that doesn't count. Thats where it all started so it counts so there :P

ok long story short, baka wolf owes me money, hasn't paid in 2+ years. finally made a document for us to sign saying he will be charged interest. Now of course I could get get notarized at a bank but since he only comes over on saterday and banks close at noon saterday plus he usually is never ready till much later. this time we picked him up he looked over the document we went to ups store paid 8 bucks to have it notarized. He was not allowed to drive his car though.

that's where I have the biggest complaint. it's his car, he pays for the gas, he pays the insurance, he pays for the car payments and everything else but the car is in his moms name and she usually won't let him use it unless it's to go to work. Even if he is allowed to have it he's not allowed to go anywhere other than my place or someplace close by. that does not include the legends or the great mall. we played some goldeneye wii but so far im liking the original n64 one better. much less little things to manage. but over all we had a good time until we ordered pizza.

ordered a pizza and it got here. but it's half beef and half beef and pepperoni. I hate pepperoni and he hates beef. so we call them and finally get things straightened out and wait for a new pizza, 30 min go by, then 60 but no pizza, we call again and more chatting and stuff we finaly get another pizza. so we wait 30 or so min and it gets here perfect. but what about the first pizza? it sat there because he said I can't eat it because they would take it back but they never did :( oh well.

now on to sunday. While I was editing my new fa page updating all the tags to my fatfoxcoon page where I post all the art that others have done for me I get a surprise from a nice fox. Northpaw imed me and asked if he could come over. I was wondering if he was ever going to ask after the hints :D but he came over witch was the first time I seen him in probably half a year or so? anyway while I do like having him over I never know how to entertain him. he is an amazingly good artist and im like a preschooler scribbling on paper in comparison :P

I don't know what he would like to do. he doesn't play games and doesn't watch any of the same shows I watch, I mean japanese shows. I don't have any interesting things to talk about all I do is dj during the week. but I think northpaw rocks. I still love having him over.

we go from place to place and while my feet and legs where killing me I didn't mind at all. it was nice to be able to get out and walk around. Though I think the rarest thing you will ever see him do is take off his jackets. he's always wearing them. but I don't mind. If I wasn't bothered by him always wearing his fox paws and tail a jacket over a jacket won't bother me :D

anyway after a fun time out we head to pizza hut and just my luck the dough or whatever for pan pizza isn't ready so we had to wait about 30 min for it to be ready to make. but we did get free cheesy bread-sticks and a discount on the ticket. so that was that.

Monday Halfshell came over, now him I know how to entertain :D we went out for a walk since it was a nice day and then went to price chopper. He asked where to next? I figured goodwill is a good place since it's about the only place I didn't get to go to with the fox.

So we walk in and there's a bit stitch plush sitting there fir him, I hand it to him and it made him quite happy. we saw a todd on the floor and I managed to grab it. it was a small plush of tod from the fox and the hound and then we found a car fox plush so I was happy. now the rest of the night went nice until it was time for dinner. wanted to go to burger king but it was closed for matinence. it had 3 full plumbing vans outside it and the inside of the drive through was all taped off with plastic. so then it was off to mcD;s for some fake food.

Tuesday was ok, stayed home all day to relax and dj but listeners in SL are down and so are tips but im happy to get any tips. not that I ever spend any of my SL money. mucked around on furry muck but that's been rather quiet and getting to talk with some friends is never easy sometimes.

wed was just busy. comix then grocery shopping and shopping for a new smoke detector and finding out they are 50 fricking bucks for a co smoke thing. thats way over priced. 30 is more reasonable not never found one because everywhere carry's the same flipping model. then I had to get home and make a play list for the night. busy busy busy and finally being able to update my fatfoxcoon fa account for the day, just stupid busy.

and now we reach today. it seemed like it would be a easy day, get lunch, look for a cheaper detector, go home. but noooo! we go to the only ljs/a&w around anymore over by where I broke my arm, skateworld.so we order a 2 piece fish and more with extra fish and a small drink and I ask for a 2 piece fish and more with an xtra fish and hush puppies for slaw and med drink. the lady behind the counter suggests a combo L2. now I was feeling rushed and glanced at it and it looked like the fish and more so yeah. she gives us 2 med drinks, and I get a combo with shrimp, 1 piece of fish and 1 piece of chicken. I don't eat shrimp. we where charged for 2 med drinks and the wrong food. the lady swore that's what we ordered and that was that. aint my fault you got what you wanted. she didn't even get the small drink right. The chicken was not that great but at least I got the hush puppies.

Then we go look for a detector and we find the same brand and model as everywhere else but it's 10 bucks cheaper. oh well. at least I don't have to dj and the best part of the week is the art from John Martello. Especially the Xeno Mutant, he did an amazing job on it. If you really want to see it it's on fa but it's nsfw, it's not porn just nudity. the final form ov Vikie, a feral mutant. I love it

now thanks to angel for giving northpaw there old gps even if it does have a horable voice :P

tr summarize watch me on twitter @ fatfoxcoon fa is Loafer for my 3d and hand drawn and stuff and Fatfoxcoon is for art done by others.

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