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Another week another leaf

yeah time for more ranting and complaining :D not that anyone cares about what I complain about :P but I like to complain somewhere. this time it's not so much about baka wolf but a movie called thor.

Yes the new movie that came out this summer I finally watched it last week and I happily have it 2 & 1/2 stars out of 5. The movie has great special effects, the scenery in asguard look great, the sets where really well done. The costumes where great. The actors where very good but the story was just flat.

But the most annoying thing besides the story was thors cape. It was to red. it stood out no matter the lighting. It's like oo look what we can do, we can make the colours all mute but still have the bright red cape all spiffy and noticable. Did you know thor has a red cape? we made it extra red to let you know it's a red cape. yeah the cape really annoyed me allot :D

The story though was just boring and stale for the most part. It started out good enough telling how oden fought the ice giants and lost his eye but won the war. though the scene with loki and thor as kids was completely unnecessary to the plot or story. It served no purpose at all other then to show they where kids once. then we see the humans on midguard in the van and hit something then we suddenly switch back to asguard before all that happens.

That was a completely useless switch. and it doesn't even tell you that this happened before it just suddenly switches to the gods without any reason. So then you get the back story of how thor ends up on earth being all rash and impulsive like any young person would. He ends up in over his head and daddy comes to the rescue but of course he's less than thrilled. So he banishes thor and his hammer and then we see him get hit by the humans. again. yes they show the same scene of him getting hit twice just to let you know he was hit.

So he wakes up all is fine and he goes to get his hammer back after meeting the humans who ran him over. So he try's to pick up his hammer and fails so he gives up and is all bummed. Then a day or so later his friends show up to take him back and then a big evil monster appears. Thor decides to sacrifice himself for the people he's barley even known for a week. I mean come on, you get your ass banished for being a fight happy warrior and then suddenly your going to just say I quit because you don't have your hammer? Please. That and his whole attitude changes way to fast to be believable. First he's all mad casue he cant' go fight the ice giants and then he's banished and just says ok kewl, you win I won't go back.

So of course he sacrifices himself and then the hammer says oh wow you are worthy and fly's to him and then he's suddenly resurrected. Though when I was watching this the song "can't touch this" by mc hammer was going through my mind casue of the line "Hammer time" that would have been a better choice since it was funny. So of course thor beasts the big bad evil robot thing and returns to fight the bad guy and wins. The end.

That's pretty much how bad it was. there's no suspense, there's no omg is he going to dies or how will he manage to pull this off? I mean sure he's the main character he can't die but there's no suspense for the supporting cast, you didn't even get to know any of them that well let alone there names or history. Well sure they mention the names once but who's going to remember that? Even Iron Man 2 was more fun to watch than this. Anyway that's my thoughts on the movie. Agree or disagree it matters not since it's only my worthless opinion hehe.

Anyway now on to what you really want me to talk about. Baka wolf. :D

Don't worry it will be a quick rant. Anyway here we go!

He came over sunday but we had to pick him up because his mom won't let him drive his car because he drive last week. He is not allowed to use his car every other time we go out. Also he's not allowed to drive outside the city. He's only allowed to drive within the area between our homes. While he may not be the best driver such restrictions are rediculas. he pays for the gas, He pays for the car. He has a job. Oh well.

Anyway aperetly I got off track. So we had a decent time up until the pizza arrived. Then he started talking, and talking and talking. He went on for about an hour of non stop talking. I tried to look as disinterested as I could and he finally got mad at me and called me a Fing dick because I wouldn't pay attention to him talking about stuff I could care less about. how he got someone named razer banned from f4l. He also gets mad if I pick up my ophone and look at it, yet it's perfectly ok for him to have his bluetooth headset on at all times and he can do stuff on his phone or laptop.

Anyway I think now is a good time to stop seeing him. He still owes me $200 and he doesn't seem to keen to pay but I will tell his parents if he doesn't start paying back soon it's only been a couple years since he first owed me.

On another note I did one of my favorite things this week. Remove people from my friends list on Facebook. The less people I have on there the better :D I don't think I can manage to get it under 50 though. It's not like they are all actual friends. most of them are just people I know online. 2 are family and thats it. Not counting baka wolf who is fast becoming not a friend that leaves me with a whole 1 friends in the whole area here.

Halfshell who is going to try to come over today is the only person that keeps in touch with me. I do have a friend in Australia though we never met I still think of him as a friend but he's definitely not local :D

Halfshell is the only person who I can actually have a conversation with. I can talk and he will listen and he can talk and I will listen. We actually talk to each other. It's a very interesting thing to do unlike baka wolf who talks at you.

Ok I think im done for now, but do look forward to seeing photos of baka wolf on my facebook page from when we where both still in school

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