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no this has nothing to do with doors :P I just like making random titles to my journals. Anyway lets start with the week before last.

So the saterday before haloween was really nice day and bake wold calls up and asks to be picked up. apparently his mom won't let him have the car because she doesn't want him driving around.

Annoying but fine. so as usual we tell him we will pick up up at a time, he picks 4 so we arrive just before 4 and wait. several minutes later his dad pops out of the front door to say he will be down shortly. so more minuets pass and he comes down and out finally. maybe 10 minutes or more after we get there.

So we go back to my place and walk around outside to kill time. He talks non stop as usual about stuff I could care less about. but that won't stop him from telling you all sorts of stuff that most likely is not true at all.but then what can I do? I can't disprove it and he has no mute button.

So eventually it gets dark enough we go inside and start playing pokemon TCG. yes I still play just stopped getting new cards when D&P came out. haven't gotten anything new since then. witch is one of the reasons I stopped going to league but that's a whole other story no one will probably want to hear. ANYWAY... we play one game and I loose. No biggie so I find my other 2 decks (3 in all) and we start a new game. it was getting bvery interesting until he decided to cheat.

What he did was pick up the top card of his deck out of turn with no trainer or pokepower that would let him. I tell him he can't do that and he puts it back on top of his deck. I tell him he will have to put it back in his deck and not have it on the top. He refused. He got quite mad to. I got mad and refused to play with a cheater. Well we yelled at each other and it wasn't until I picked up my cards to put them away did he finally put it back in his deck.

So that ruin that game. So once he calmed down we played another game or 2 before we went to watch a bit of tv. Soon it was time to order and of course after stiffing me on the bill and tip last time he owed me. Well big surprise he forgot his money so I had to pay. AGAIN!

Well after that things went ok so that ends the recap of that so lets move on to last weekend.

First he calls and says he wants to stay home and watch the football game on the tv. why? I have no idea. that's what dvr's are for. you tape it so it can be watched later. anyway he said lets do something sunday and im like ok but everything closes early. He said ok and that was that.

Well he calls back a few min later and says on second thought lets try today. I don't mind so he says he will take a quick shower and be over. Yeah right he never is on time. So 2 hours later he calls and says he's on his way.

He gets here and the first thing he does is balance his check book. Then we have to go to the auto store so he can pick up some car paint.Well that's exciting. We always end up doing what he wants like going here or picking up something here. He has 6 days to do this and it seems he can only do it when im with him.

so I suggested going to the great mall, well he didn't seem to mind but it seems his mom gets mad at him if he doesn't stay within the are between our homes.He;s on a very short leash because his mom doesn't like it when he goes out and drives his car.

So we end up going to oak park mall and he spends a good 10 to 15 min driving around the parking lot looking for the perfect spot. He litarly will pass up lots of parking spaces just so he can find one he actually likes that's close to the door. Just pick one and go in don't wait all bloody day! anyway...

we go in and I check out the FYE music / video store. Baka wolf hovers maybe 2 feet away at all times. He's busy playing with his phone or whatever while I look at anime but he will shadow you wherever you go. if you move a little he moves with you. He doesn't look at any of the videos he's to busy with his phone.

Se we walk around the mall and of course he's to busy with his phone to do much. but he stays right there by me the whole time. just a few feet away. So eventually he wants to go to topsys, im like ok have fun. There's a short line so I wait and when I look up again the line is gone but he's still waiting in the same place.

so I head to look at the calendars and games thing around the corner to wait for him. He doesn't show up after a bit so I text him and he sends back "where are you.......30 seconds and im leaving" I think ok be that way I really don't care if he leaves without me casue I can call my own ride home. I tell him where I am and he eventually comes and says I need to tell him where I am going before I disapear.

Since when do I have to do that? if he's to stupid to notice I dispersed while he spend 10 min waiting in a line that wasn't there it's his own fault, and to have the nerve to say 30 seconds and im leaving? I am not some little kid who is out with mommy. I can and will do what I want and go where I please if I so wish.

So we head on over to pizza hut and that was boring. He gets out his phone and starts writing stuff for work down on napkins. I didn't even bother recording it because he didn't really talk. by the time I was almost done with my half of the pizza he finally got started.

NExt (this) week is the last time im going out him for a while. he's getting to be very annoying and he seems to be constantly in a bad mood. only reason I will go out 1 more time is he owes me 1 more week of pizza. I told him if he doesn't have the money to pay I will not cover him anymore. He already owes me $200 and still hasn't even started to pay me back.


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Nov. 7th, 2011 04:42 pm (UTC)
May I ask a silly question. You really do not seem to like this Baka very much. You complain about him all the time yet you continue to hang out with him. Why do you do that. It just does not make any sense. If he is such a non-fun person stop hanging around him.
Nov. 7th, 2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
several reasons really :D

1: he used to be fun and is the only one who can really make me laugh.

2: I known him since high school and we been friends since.

3: he's the only person I know I can hang out with all the time. as much as I would love to hang out with halfshell he mostly is not available sadly.

4: He can drive :D

I know stupid reasons but he's really the only person I know locally who I can hang out with. Besides if I didn't have him to complain about I wouldn't have anything to put in my journal. :D

if it wernt for him I wouldn't have anything valid to complain about hehe
Nov. 7th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
Re: why?
But why must one complain? Personally I have found that complaining is not very productive. If there is something wrong, make efforts to correct it, if you cannot or will not attempt to correct the issue then there is really no point in complaining. Try to be a positive person and you will find more happiness. That is what I did.

Sure, I will rant about some things but generally they are about how horrible people treat each other, not how they treat me.

Just my two cents.
Nov. 7th, 2011 05:59 pm (UTC)
Re: why?
why do I complain? well really I don't have much else to say. I mean all I really do is watch tv and anime and also dj 3 days a week. Most exiting thing I do is usually go to the comic book store once a week or maybe if im lucky I get to go grocery shopping hehe. that's all I would have to talk about. or to quote a song I have herd of

"All I can say is that my life is very plane."

Im a boring person :D the only thing I ever have to talk about is when I have something to complain about hehe.

*discos like a duck* :P
Nov. 7th, 2011 09:18 pm (UTC)
Re: why?
Then post things that are creative. You are an artist of sorts. You DJ, you do CGI. Write a tutorial or something. I bet you could bring positive reactions out of people doing that.

All I am say is try to be more positive in life. You will be happier. :)
Nov. 7th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
Re: why?
heh I wouldn't know how to write a tutorial, I don't like reading those :D im not unhappy with my life for the most part. Sure I would like things different in some ways but overall im alive and im happy to have something to complain about hehe.

I dj like a radio dj does. I just play music :D I already posted my list of music I like but I gotta get to updating it.

Also it's very odd when your phone starts saying "Hammer" over and over again as it decided to switch the ring tone from music to a my little pony audio clip. oh now I almost forgot to post a funny sign.

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