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the mouse light is red again

I dunno. anyway lets start this journal thing no one reads

things that annoy me are people who talk non stop about stuff I don't give a !@#$% about an don't really listen to what you have to say unless they can turn it into a story about them. Also people who owe me $200 who have a nice new car and a job but still haven't started paying me back at all. Let's not forget those who bring there laptops with them everywhere they go like a pacifier and bring them in to the restaurant with a friend and pay more attention to that then they do a friend.

If you figured out it's baka wolf i'm talking about then your good. He's not a furry. He's a wanna be furry fan boy. he's only in it for the attention. he doesn't hang out with any local furs, he doesn't frequent any other furry places. and that stupid tail he has he likes to wear makes him look like a bigger idiot than he already is when he's wearing the collar. he claims it's part of a "Social experiment" that's just bull. he got the collar only because I wanted one and he just has a need or desire to draw lots of attention. it was never any social experiment he just made it up so he could justify wearing it. anyway I ranted enough about him time to rant on more things~

people who don't want to help you design a character. Now I understand that making a character is personal and someone else can't make a desc just like how you would want to see the character but im just asking people for opinions on this or that im not asking a difficult question. Most will just use the line "I don't know it's your character what do you think?" I already know what I think I want to hear your thoughts on it. I like listing to others opinions on things when designing thing especially when they are friends. (not that I really have many of those) Halfshell is the only person I know who I can actually talk to about character designs. he's an artist so he knows some about how things would look and stuff. it's just so frustrating when you get the people who answer with "what do you think" I know it's a stupid thing to rant about but it annoys me. Im trying to make an otter dragon but since I am no artist it's hard for me to visualize things some time so I ask other people about the thought to see what they think. anyway I think im done with this next subject.

now on to anime! was watching dragon ball Z and im up to the point where cell finally gets his perfect form and I wait, and wait, and wait and wait for them to finally show it but half the !@#$% ep is just devoted to building up tension and showing the world tremble. now I haven't had any real problems with the series before, building tension and stuff and character development was used very well.but this is just stupid, half of an entire ep where nothing happened at all. nothing to even advance the plot 1 tiny bit. so annoying. anyway on to suite precure and the ruining of a great looking character. they really dropped the ball I think on cure muse's real form she looks so much better in black and in the mask. Of course they kept beating you over the head with who it really was. though up until the point she returned the box it was never really clear who she was and it was a big mystery but once that happened the clues just where so obvious and blaitent and even figured out she was the daughter. now they will ruin a great character who was always cold and apathetic and emotionless into some sweet sugary character. booring! and now onto anime in general. the animes that are so obvious that the good guys will always win and things will be just fine. they try to make it look dramatic and stuff but it's just so obvious that the good guess will always win even if they loose. there's no excitement.

now some of you may know I used to be on furry 4 life. Well I got tiered of it and finally left. while my account is still there I don't ever plan to go back. It's a nice site but it's just not my thing plus things where just not managed as well as I think they should. not to say the staff aren't doing there job or abusing power just I think it could be handed better or at least the groups. let me tell you an example. they have hundreds of groups and with the ability to create a group for whatever you want there are sure to be duplicates. now we are supposed to not have any dupes and I have reported it many times but the official response is something like "oh you can't delete it. that might make them upset." so we leave the duplicate groups in there regardless of who created it first. So I went and made a list of every single group there was. that took me about a week and a half and I offered it to the whole staff. no one took it. no one caered. whats the point of being on the staff of someplace that doesn't even follow it's own rules. There is an option to have groups be reviewed before they are aprooved but most people will just go in and hot approve all without bothering to look.

More f4l rants when I made some groups I used pictures of my own characters since they fit the theme like fat furs, cyber or robotic furs, inflation fans, demons and necro furs. of course people complained that im using my own characters for group icons. no !@#$% why would I use someone else character for the group when I have my own bloody pics that fit the theme. that's got to be one of the stupidest complaints I ever had. oh and on this same note... I made some banners for f4l using pics of my own characters and again people complained that I was using my own characters. it's just stupid they would complain over the stupidest things. I finally had enough and just left never to go back. I have no problems with the staff or any of the furs I will still be Friends but just the way it's run is not for me.

now that I finally got that out. wow was I ever mad :D lets move on to more fun stuff

saterday was fun, I hung out with halfshell we talked ate and walked around places having a good time. that's about all I have to say about that. nioce to not have to deal with baka wolf for a while.

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Oct. 17th, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
Hey, I read it. :) Well, not always, depending on what you write about, how much you write and so on, but in principle at least, I'm here.
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