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a horabble week so far

well lets start this with a disclaimer. I am going to whine moan complain and anything else I can think of. I have had a rotten week and though no one will probably care or reply I like being able to rant so there :P

ok now lets start with saaterday. but you say hey wait saterday was last week that doesn't count. Thats where it all started so it counts so there :P

ok long story short, baka wolf owes me money, hasn't paid in 2+ years. finally made a document for us to sign saying he will be charged interest. Now of course I could get get notarized at a bank but since he only comes over on saterday and banks close at noon saterday plus he usually is never ready till much later. this time we picked him up he looked over the document we went to ups store paid 8 bucks to have it notarized. He was not allowed to drive his car though.

that's where I have the biggest complaint. it's his car, he pays for the gas, he pays the insurance, he pays for the car payments and everything else but the car is in his moms name and she usually won't let him use it unless it's to go to work. Even if he is allowed to have it he's not allowed to go anywhere other than my place or someplace close by. that does not include the legends or the great mall. we played some goldeneye wii but so far im liking the original n64 one better. much less little things to manage. but over all we had a good time until we ordered pizza.

ordered a pizza and it got here. but it's half beef and half beef and pepperoni. I hate pepperoni and he hates beef. so we call them and finally get things straightened out and wait for a new pizza, 30 min go by, then 60 but no pizza, we call again and more chatting and stuff we finaly get another pizza. so we wait 30 or so min and it gets here perfect. but what about the first pizza? it sat there because he said I can't eat it because they would take it back but they never did :( oh well.

now on to sunday. While I was editing my new fa page updating all the tags to my fatfoxcoon page where I post all the art that others have done for me I get a surprise from a nice fox. Northpaw imed me and asked if he could come over. I was wondering if he was ever going to ask after the hints :D but he came over witch was the first time I seen him in probably half a year or so? anyway while I do like having him over I never know how to entertain him. he is an amazingly good artist and im like a preschooler scribbling on paper in comparison :P

I don't know what he would like to do. he doesn't play games and doesn't watch any of the same shows I watch, I mean japanese shows. I don't have any interesting things to talk about all I do is dj during the week. but I think northpaw rocks. I still love having him over.

we go from place to place and while my feet and legs where killing me I didn't mind at all. it was nice to be able to get out and walk around. Though I think the rarest thing you will ever see him do is take off his jackets. he's always wearing them. but I don't mind. If I wasn't bothered by him always wearing his fox paws and tail a jacket over a jacket won't bother me :D

anyway after a fun time out we head to pizza hut and just my luck the dough or whatever for pan pizza isn't ready so we had to wait about 30 min for it to be ready to make. but we did get free cheesy bread-sticks and a discount on the ticket. so that was that.

Monday Halfshell came over, now him I know how to entertain :D we went out for a walk since it was a nice day and then went to price chopper. He asked where to next? I figured goodwill is a good place since it's about the only place I didn't get to go to with the fox.

So we walk in and there's a bit stitch plush sitting there fir him, I hand it to him and it made him quite happy. we saw a todd on the floor and I managed to grab it. it was a small plush of tod from the fox and the hound and then we found a car fox plush so I was happy. now the rest of the night went nice until it was time for dinner. wanted to go to burger king but it was closed for matinence. it had 3 full plumbing vans outside it and the inside of the drive through was all taped off with plastic. so then it was off to mcD;s for some fake food.

Tuesday was ok, stayed home all day to relax and dj but listeners in SL are down and so are tips but im happy to get any tips. not that I ever spend any of my SL money. mucked around on furry muck but that's been rather quiet and getting to talk with some friends is never easy sometimes.

wed was just busy. comix then grocery shopping and shopping for a new smoke detector and finding out they are 50 fricking bucks for a co smoke thing. thats way over priced. 30 is more reasonable not never found one because everywhere carry's the same flipping model. then I had to get home and make a play list for the night. busy busy busy and finally being able to update my fatfoxcoon fa account for the day, just stupid busy.

and now we reach today. it seemed like it would be a easy day, get lunch, look for a cheaper detector, go home. but noooo! we go to the only ljs/a&w around anymore over by where I broke my arm, skateworld.so we order a 2 piece fish and more with extra fish and a small drink and I ask for a 2 piece fish and more with an xtra fish and hush puppies for slaw and med drink. the lady behind the counter suggests a combo L2. now I was feeling rushed and glanced at it and it looked like the fish and more so yeah. she gives us 2 med drinks, and I get a combo with shrimp, 1 piece of fish and 1 piece of chicken. I don't eat shrimp. we where charged for 2 med drinks and the wrong food. the lady swore that's what we ordered and that was that. aint my fault you got what you wanted. she didn't even get the small drink right. The chicken was not that great but at least I got the hush puppies.

Then we go look for a detector and we find the same brand and model as everywhere else but it's 10 bucks cheaper. oh well. at least I don't have to dj and the best part of the week is the art from John Martello. Especially the Xeno Mutant, he did an amazing job on it. If you really want to see it it's on fa but it's nsfw, it's not porn just nudity. the final form ov Vikie, a feral mutant. I love it

now thanks to angel for giving northpaw there old gps even if it does have a horable voice :P

tr summarize watch me on twitter @ fatfoxcoon fa is Loafer for my 3d and hand drawn and stuff and Fatfoxcoon is for art done by others.

my thoughts on this whole sopa thing

who cares? they will pass it whether we like it or not. a few hundred people are not going to make any difference. oh sure you see online petitions and all this outcry but all it is, is just noise. the government won't listen to nobody's. This thing was pretty much guaranteed to be passed since they are supposedly using real hard to get it put into action asap.

I saw an article where people where supposed to boycott godaddy because they support sopa. a few people might do it but I seriously dought that the majority of pepole who use it will ever bother, let alone care. All this stop sopa stuff is just internet hype.It has no bearing on the actual government. The thing about online petitions is you can be anonymous. you can sign it how ever manny times you want using fake info.

people may not like it but it's going to pass and go into effect and there's really nothing you can do or say to stop it. I even saw people actually go to washington dc to talk to the government. that went as well as I expected. most of them just nod and be polite saying that's nice. unless you got allot of money to back your claims up they probably won't give 2 cents worth of what you say.

I may be completely wrong about all this, but I am not in favor of sopa as it is but I am all for preventing piracy and stuff just not at a cost. Will sopa turn out to be the end of all internet as we know it? I dought it. but if it does, it does if not well that's kewl. The government does what it wants and we really can't do anything to stop it. we can vote on people but when it comes to laws and bills and such the government does what it wants. At least that's how it apeers to me. but what do I know i'm just a nobody :D anyway that's it for my rant. Sopa will pass and life will go on.

Another week another leaf

yeah time for more ranting and complaining :D not that anyone cares about what I complain about :P but I like to complain somewhere. this time it's not so much about baka wolf but a movie called thor.

Yes the new movie that came out this summer I finally watched it last week and I happily have it 2 & 1/2 stars out of 5. The movie has great special effects, the scenery in asguard look great, the sets where really well done. The costumes where great. The actors where very good but the story was just flat.

But the most annoying thing besides the story was thors cape. It was to red. it stood out no matter the lighting. It's like oo look what we can do, we can make the colours all mute but still have the bright red cape all spiffy and noticable. Did you know thor has a red cape? we made it extra red to let you know it's a red cape. yeah the cape really annoyed me allot :D

The story though was just boring and stale for the most part. It started out good enough telling how oden fought the ice giants and lost his eye but won the war. though the scene with loki and thor as kids was completely unnecessary to the plot or story. It served no purpose at all other then to show they where kids once. then we see the humans on midguard in the van and hit something then we suddenly switch back to asguard before all that happens.

That was a completely useless switch. and it doesn't even tell you that this happened before it just suddenly switches to the gods without any reason. So then you get the back story of how thor ends up on earth being all rash and impulsive like any young person would. He ends up in over his head and daddy comes to the rescue but of course he's less than thrilled. So he banishes thor and his hammer and then we see him get hit by the humans. again. yes they show the same scene of him getting hit twice just to let you know he was hit.

So he wakes up all is fine and he goes to get his hammer back after meeting the humans who ran him over. So he try's to pick up his hammer and fails so he gives up and is all bummed. Then a day or so later his friends show up to take him back and then a big evil monster appears. Thor decides to sacrifice himself for the people he's barley even known for a week. I mean come on, you get your ass banished for being a fight happy warrior and then suddenly your going to just say I quit because you don't have your hammer? Please. That and his whole attitude changes way to fast to be believable. First he's all mad casue he cant' go fight the ice giants and then he's banished and just says ok kewl, you win I won't go back.

So of course he sacrifices himself and then the hammer says oh wow you are worthy and fly's to him and then he's suddenly resurrected. Though when I was watching this the song "can't touch this" by mc hammer was going through my mind casue of the line "Hammer time" that would have been a better choice since it was funny. So of course thor beasts the big bad evil robot thing and returns to fight the bad guy and wins. The end.

That's pretty much how bad it was. there's no suspense, there's no omg is he going to dies or how will he manage to pull this off? I mean sure he's the main character he can't die but there's no suspense for the supporting cast, you didn't even get to know any of them that well let alone there names or history. Well sure they mention the names once but who's going to remember that? Even Iron Man 2 was more fun to watch than this. Anyway that's my thoughts on the movie. Agree or disagree it matters not since it's only my worthless opinion hehe.

Anyway now on to what you really want me to talk about. Baka wolf. :D

Don't worry it will be a quick rant. Anyway here we go!

He came over sunday but we had to pick him up because his mom won't let him drive his car because he drive last week. He is not allowed to use his car every other time we go out. Also he's not allowed to drive outside the city. He's only allowed to drive within the area between our homes. While he may not be the best driver such restrictions are rediculas. he pays for the gas, He pays for the car. He has a job. Oh well.

Anyway aperetly I got off track. So we had a decent time up until the pizza arrived. Then he started talking, and talking and talking. He went on for about an hour of non stop talking. I tried to look as disinterested as I could and he finally got mad at me and called me a Fing dick because I wouldn't pay attention to him talking about stuff I could care less about. how he got someone named razer banned from f4l. He also gets mad if I pick up my ophone and look at it, yet it's perfectly ok for him to have his bluetooth headset on at all times and he can do stuff on his phone or laptop.

Anyway I think now is a good time to stop seeing him. He still owes me $200 and he doesn't seem to keen to pay but I will tell his parents if he doesn't start paying back soon it's only been a couple years since he first owed me.

On another note I did one of my favorite things this week. Remove people from my friends list on Facebook. The less people I have on there the better :D I don't think I can manage to get it under 50 though. It's not like they are all actual friends. most of them are just people I know online. 2 are family and thats it. Not counting baka wolf who is fast becoming not a friend that leaves me with a whole 1 friends in the whole area here.

Halfshell who is going to try to come over today is the only person that keeps in touch with me. I do have a friend in Australia though we never met I still think of him as a friend but he's definitely not local :D

Halfshell is the only person who I can actually have a conversation with. I can talk and he will listen and he can talk and I will listen. We actually talk to each other. It's a very interesting thing to do unlike baka wolf who talks at you.

Ok I think im done for now, but do look forward to seeing photos of baka wolf on my facebook page from when we where both still in school
no this has nothing to do with doors :P I just like making random titles to my journals. Anyway lets start with the week before last.

So the saterday before haloween was really nice day and bake wold calls up and asks to be picked up. apparently his mom won't let him have the car because she doesn't want him driving around.

Annoying but fine. so as usual we tell him we will pick up up at a time, he picks 4 so we arrive just before 4 and wait. several minutes later his dad pops out of the front door to say he will be down shortly. so more minuets pass and he comes down and out finally. maybe 10 minutes or more after we get there.

So we go back to my place and walk around outside to kill time. He talks non stop as usual about stuff I could care less about. but that won't stop him from telling you all sorts of stuff that most likely is not true at all.but then what can I do? I can't disprove it and he has no mute button.

So eventually it gets dark enough we go inside and start playing pokemon TCG. yes I still play just stopped getting new cards when D&P came out. haven't gotten anything new since then. witch is one of the reasons I stopped going to league but that's a whole other story no one will probably want to hear. ANYWAY... we play one game and I loose. No biggie so I find my other 2 decks (3 in all) and we start a new game. it was getting bvery interesting until he decided to cheat.

What he did was pick up the top card of his deck out of turn with no trainer or pokepower that would let him. I tell him he can't do that and he puts it back on top of his deck. I tell him he will have to put it back in his deck and not have it on the top. He refused. He got quite mad to. I got mad and refused to play with a cheater. Well we yelled at each other and it wasn't until I picked up my cards to put them away did he finally put it back in his deck.

So that ruin that game. So once he calmed down we played another game or 2 before we went to watch a bit of tv. Soon it was time to order and of course after stiffing me on the bill and tip last time he owed me. Well big surprise he forgot his money so I had to pay. AGAIN!

Well after that things went ok so that ends the recap of that so lets move on to last weekend.

First he calls and says he wants to stay home and watch the football game on the tv. why? I have no idea. that's what dvr's are for. you tape it so it can be watched later. anyway he said lets do something sunday and im like ok but everything closes early. He said ok and that was that.

Well he calls back a few min later and says on second thought lets try today. I don't mind so he says he will take a quick shower and be over. Yeah right he never is on time. So 2 hours later he calls and says he's on his way.

He gets here and the first thing he does is balance his check book. Then we have to go to the auto store so he can pick up some car paint.Well that's exciting. We always end up doing what he wants like going here or picking up something here. He has 6 days to do this and it seems he can only do it when im with him.

so I suggested going to the great mall, well he didn't seem to mind but it seems his mom gets mad at him if he doesn't stay within the are between our homes.He;s on a very short leash because his mom doesn't like it when he goes out and drives his car.

So we end up going to oak park mall and he spends a good 10 to 15 min driving around the parking lot looking for the perfect spot. He litarly will pass up lots of parking spaces just so he can find one he actually likes that's close to the door. Just pick one and go in don't wait all bloody day! anyway...

we go in and I check out the FYE music / video store. Baka wolf hovers maybe 2 feet away at all times. He's busy playing with his phone or whatever while I look at anime but he will shadow you wherever you go. if you move a little he moves with you. He doesn't look at any of the videos he's to busy with his phone.

Se we walk around the mall and of course he's to busy with his phone to do much. but he stays right there by me the whole time. just a few feet away. So eventually he wants to go to topsys, im like ok have fun. There's a short line so I wait and when I look up again the line is gone but he's still waiting in the same place.

so I head to look at the calendars and games thing around the corner to wait for him. He doesn't show up after a bit so I text him and he sends back "where are you.......30 seconds and im leaving" I think ok be that way I really don't care if he leaves without me casue I can call my own ride home. I tell him where I am and he eventually comes and says I need to tell him where I am going before I disapear.

Since when do I have to do that? if he's to stupid to notice I dispersed while he spend 10 min waiting in a line that wasn't there it's his own fault, and to have the nerve to say 30 seconds and im leaving? I am not some little kid who is out with mommy. I can and will do what I want and go where I please if I so wish.

So we head on over to pizza hut and that was boring. He gets out his phone and starts writing stuff for work down on napkins. I didn't even bother recording it because he didn't really talk. by the time I was almost done with my half of the pizza he finally got started.

NExt (this) week is the last time im going out him for a while. he's getting to be very annoying and he seems to be constantly in a bad mood. only reason I will go out 1 more time is he owes me 1 more week of pizza. I told him if he doesn't have the money to pay I will not cover him anymore. He already owes me $200 and still hasn't even started to pay me back.

the mouse light is red again

I dunno. anyway lets start this journal thing no one reads

things that annoy me are people who talk non stop about stuff I don't give a !@#$% about an don't really listen to what you have to say unless they can turn it into a story about them. Also people who owe me $200 who have a nice new car and a job but still haven't started paying me back at all. Let's not forget those who bring there laptops with them everywhere they go like a pacifier and bring them in to the restaurant with a friend and pay more attention to that then they do a friend.

If you figured out it's baka wolf i'm talking about then your good. He's not a furry. He's a wanna be furry fan boy. he's only in it for the attention. he doesn't hang out with any local furs, he doesn't frequent any other furry places. and that stupid tail he has he likes to wear makes him look like a bigger idiot than he already is when he's wearing the collar. he claims it's part of a "Social experiment" that's just bull. he got the collar only because I wanted one and he just has a need or desire to draw lots of attention. it was never any social experiment he just made it up so he could justify wearing it. anyway I ranted enough about him time to rant on more things~

people who don't want to help you design a character. Now I understand that making a character is personal and someone else can't make a desc just like how you would want to see the character but im just asking people for opinions on this or that im not asking a difficult question. Most will just use the line "I don't know it's your character what do you think?" I already know what I think I want to hear your thoughts on it. I like listing to others opinions on things when designing thing especially when they are friends. (not that I really have many of those) Halfshell is the only person I know who I can actually talk to about character designs. he's an artist so he knows some about how things would look and stuff. it's just so frustrating when you get the people who answer with "what do you think" I know it's a stupid thing to rant about but it annoys me. Im trying to make an otter dragon but since I am no artist it's hard for me to visualize things some time so I ask other people about the thought to see what they think. anyway I think im done with this next subject.

now on to anime! was watching dragon ball Z and im up to the point where cell finally gets his perfect form and I wait, and wait, and wait and wait for them to finally show it but half the !@#$% ep is just devoted to building up tension and showing the world tremble. now I haven't had any real problems with the series before, building tension and stuff and character development was used very well.but this is just stupid, half of an entire ep where nothing happened at all. nothing to even advance the plot 1 tiny bit. so annoying. anyway on to suite precure and the ruining of a great looking character. they really dropped the ball I think on cure muse's real form she looks so much better in black and in the mask. Of course they kept beating you over the head with who it really was. though up until the point she returned the box it was never really clear who she was and it was a big mystery but once that happened the clues just where so obvious and blaitent and even figured out she was the daughter. now they will ruin a great character who was always cold and apathetic and emotionless into some sweet sugary character. booring! and now onto anime in general. the animes that are so obvious that the good guys will always win and things will be just fine. they try to make it look dramatic and stuff but it's just so obvious that the good guess will always win even if they loose. there's no excitement.

now some of you may know I used to be on furry 4 life. Well I got tiered of it and finally left. while my account is still there I don't ever plan to go back. It's a nice site but it's just not my thing plus things where just not managed as well as I think they should. not to say the staff aren't doing there job or abusing power just I think it could be handed better or at least the groups. let me tell you an example. they have hundreds of groups and with the ability to create a group for whatever you want there are sure to be duplicates. now we are supposed to not have any dupes and I have reported it many times but the official response is something like "oh you can't delete it. that might make them upset." so we leave the duplicate groups in there regardless of who created it first. So I went and made a list of every single group there was. that took me about a week and a half and I offered it to the whole staff. no one took it. no one caered. whats the point of being on the staff of someplace that doesn't even follow it's own rules. There is an option to have groups be reviewed before they are aprooved but most people will just go in and hot approve all without bothering to look.

More f4l rants when I made some groups I used pictures of my own characters since they fit the theme like fat furs, cyber or robotic furs, inflation fans, demons and necro furs. of course people complained that im using my own characters for group icons. no !@#$% why would I use someone else character for the group when I have my own bloody pics that fit the theme. that's got to be one of the stupidest complaints I ever had. oh and on this same note... I made some banners for f4l using pics of my own characters and again people complained that I was using my own characters. it's just stupid they would complain over the stupidest things. I finally had enough and just left never to go back. I have no problems with the staff or any of the furs I will still be Friends but just the way it's run is not for me.

now that I finally got that out. wow was I ever mad :D lets move on to more fun stuff

saterday was fun, I hung out with halfshell we talked ate and walked around places having a good time. that's about all I have to say about that. nioce to not have to deal with baka wolf for a while.

Don't forget to follow me on facebook and twitter at fatfoxcoon and now for something really neat.

furs I met or at least greeted

by met I would say we talked a bit and are somewhat friends. Greeted are people who I have greeted, exchanged pleasantries and such but we don't really keep in touch or anything. basically while I remember them they would probably not remember me. especially if we met fur real again

Yiffer Fox
Cael Thunderwing
Tal Rex
Bio Roo
Terry the apple fox
Shy Matsi

Rabi Tom
Babs Bunny
Roxi Cat
Drago Mike
Duncan (The Green roo)
Pistol Pup
Mia (salamander)
Rozberk (pegacorn)
Kendra Vixen
Sparky Fox
Kris B Kritter

Somewhere in between (we where friends at one point when they where local but don't' keep in touch anymore)
R.C. Rabbits Foot
Butterscotch (caramel) vixen
Sonic Blu
Pickle Juice
Hikaru Katayama

Pepole I have spotted of note worthy status:
Eric W. Schwartz
Max the Black Rabbit
Max Goof

and finally the one person I miss above all else is Dorian Nekura (or Kiotsu or lots of other characters) or Chris Dore. He was allot of fun to rp with.

Also just for the record I am not attending any out of state furcons again. If I want to be bored for several days in a row I can do that at home for free.

sept eleven thoughts that pepole won't like

im so sick of seeing 9/11 stuff everywhere. it's been 10 bloody yeas and people are still obsessed over it. it happened, it's over move on. I'm not saying it wasn't bad. it was a hoarable thing to happen but what I don't get is why is this little thing getting so much attention when there's been other attacks and no one even seems to care about those.

There's the Oklahoma city bombing, the bombing of the world trade center and I think there was a bombing of a TWA flight. This 9/11 thing is getting to be as rediculas as the titanic. A boat that sank. who care how it sank, it did. 9/11 happened, the trade center was hit and now it's gone. I think they should have rebuilt it but that's me.

It is a bad thing that so manny people lost there life on that day and I do think people should think about that but not with 50 different specials on tv and everywhere else. I think instead of focusing on all the bad things it should be a day to part and have fun. people did survive and the contry hasn't changed 1 bit since then so party!

ok I am done ranting. you can attack me now :D this is just my opinion. you have every right to disagree but I also have a right to post what I think :D


Fat Furry Thought Quickie

yes just a quick FFt but he really did tell the same story twice and when you try to tell him he's repeating he just talks louder over you.

shows I watch on me tv

I'm rather bored right now so here is a full list of all the shows I have on my DVR with notes to

*Pawn Queens: TLC
Family Game Night: HUB
Auction Kings: Discovery
*Auctioneer$: TLC
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!: Disney XD
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: HUB
Mantracker: Science Chanel
Law & Order: UK: BBCusa
@The Event: KSHB NBC 41
#Beast Legends: SyFy
#Pitchmen: Discovery
Beyblade Metal Fusion: Cartoon Network
Bait Car: Tru TV
Haven: Syfy
History Detectives KCPT PBS 19
Bakugan: Gundalian Invasion: Cartoon Network
#Sliced: History Chanel
World's Toughest Fixes: National Geographic Chanel
Doctor Who: BBCusa
~Little People, Big World: TLC
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Cartoon Network
Tabatha's Salon Takeover: Bravo
White Collar: USA
Ghost Lab: Discovery
Disaster House: DIY
Speeders: Tru TV
#Speeders Fight Back: Tru TV
Pawn Stars: History Chanel
@Stargate Universe: SYFY
#Chaotic: Cartoon Network
Eureka: SYFY
Warehouse 13: SYFY
#Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Nicktoon
Gene Simmons Family Jewls: A&E
#Science of The Movies: Science Chanel
Life After People: History Chanel
Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Cartoon Network
Leverage: TNT
Sanctuary: SYFY
Dog Whisperer: National Geographic Chanel
Storm Chacers: Discovery
Mythbusters: Discovery
Man VS. Wild:Discovery

* = Posable one shot as I have never seen it on again
# = Possibly Canceled never to see the light of day again.
@ = I really hate this show but if I didn't watch it I wouldn't have anything much to complain about.
~ = Series ended

Feel free to comment on my shows I watch.

fatfoxcoon on Twitter and facebook

more useless things

well, I haven't had much to talk about just watching tv and anime. I finished all the cards and notes and they are all ready to mail out. found out all the TGI fridays in the whole area have gone. tis a shame they had the best food.

5 guys opened at the mall, but the odd thing is it's not assessable from the mall even though it's attached to the mall. you can only get to it from the outside. Rather odd, why connect it to the mall if it's not assessable from the mall. why not put it in the food court?

Im also looking for someone to draw my fat dragon productions logo but no one is interested. not surprising though since I'm not well known popular or stuff in the furry fandom.

Something else has me wondering if my friend I known since 4th or 5th grade might be anti furry. A comment he made has me wondering but I'm probably reading to much into it. though one can never be to careful.

I am kinda glad I quit going to cons. I do kinda miss MFF but really 3 or 4 days wandering the hotel alone with nothing to do just isn't my idea of fun. Maybe sometime I will go back and it would be nice to have Nina as a room mate, though even if baka wolf annoys me it might be fun to room together and annoy each other, but that's a long ways off.

On another note I haven't had toast in years.


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